Since 1950, ATLANCO® has been one of the leading suppliers of personal equipment, material and uniforms to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets. Under the continued leadership of the Zaglin family, the founders of the company, ATLANCO® has grown from a regional, Atlanta-based distributor of military surplus items, originally known as Atlanta Army Navy Supply Company. Eventually, the company has achieved its current status as a dynamic, pioneering market leader in the design and production of a wide variety of quality manufactured goods. To the many thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel who use and depend on our products daily, the names ATLANCO® and TRU-SPEC®; have become synonymous with quality, innovation and service.

BRAVO-3 Training Conference & Vendor Expo

BRAVO-3 Conference and Vendor Expo is the year’s premier, all-inclusive, multi-discipline integrated event in the United States. This gathering of SWAT operators, K-9 handlers, Bomb Squad (HDS/EOD) technicians, Firefighters, HAZMAT Technicians, TACMED professionals, as well as other law enforcement, first responder, and military personnel, allows these brave professionals to remain at the forefront of their specialties by providing them with unsurpassed training opportunities. Our unique classroom setting allows students a one-on-one experience with some of the most respected operators, technicians, and instructors in the world. BRAVO-3 allows attendees to stay on the cutting-edge of information, technology, and TTP’s by offering the finest in training, education, technique and procedure sharing, and professional networking.

Chiron K9

The mission of Chiron K9 LLC from the onset is to offer ethical, client based solutions to project requirements. To provide the very best in canine consultancy and training services and ensure client satisfaction.

DSA Detection

DSA Detection manufactures and distributes its own brand of DHS-approved trace detection consumables used in the operation and maintenance of all explosive trace detection (ETD) instruments commercially available. DSA also manufactures X-ray correct inert explosive simulants, IED training aids, and test articles used in training screeners to identify threats and to verify security checkpoint equipment is properly identifying threats. DSA then combines all its products and expertise into comprehensive and in-depth classroom and CBT training for threat recognition and security equipment operation, tailored to meet all levels of detection.

Georgia K9 National Training Center (GAK9 NTC)

Georgia K9 NTC is a full service training facility dedicated to helping you have the perfect canine. Our services include Obedience, Service Dogs, Search and Rescue, and Police Dog Training.

Highland Canine Training

Highland Canine Training, LLC is a multifaceted dog training business based out of North Carolina. The overall diversity of our business gives us the experience, knowledge and expertise to offer turn-key solutions for the dog training industry. Our kennels and dog training facility are located on a 23+ acre property in the foothills. Our dog obedience and behavior modification programs provide reliable, simple, and effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and are offered throughout the Southeastern United States.  Our trainers are dedicated to providing quality solutions to fit the needs of our clients and their dogs.  We specialize in problematic dog behaviors and regularly work with dogs and problems that other trainers will not.

ICOR Technology

ICOR manufactures high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective robots, tools and equipment for EOD and SWAT communities worldwide.

Ideal Blasting Supply

Ideal Blasting Supply Inc (founded in 1979) saw unmet needs for drilling and blasting professionals, and through several of our own inventions made life easier for commercial blasters.We then focused on helping our EOD / Bomb tech’s stay safe while performing their hazardous job. We have been the market leader in the blasting supply industry for over 38 years, and we will continue to support our customers in the future.


iK9 is a comprehensive Canine Solutions provider for detection and service dogs, along with professional handler education. At iK9, we are guided by our commitment to provide highly skilled and well-bred detection and service dogs, experienced and industry-intelligent master trainers, and responsive and needs-based curricula. iK9 is dedicated to providing world-class canine services to the working dog community. We strive not only to meet the needs of our customers but to build lasting relationships with canine professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. iK9, LLC is a Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE) Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Inert Products

Since 2007, Inert Products has been providing the highest quality training aids to armed forces, law enforcement, and government agencies. With a focus on threat awareness, our comprehensive selection of products enable customers to fill complete training requirements from a single dedicated source. Our reputation for providing customized products and platforms specifically designed to meet exact training requirements has attracted industry partners nationwide. Advances in production and rapid prototyping have brought us to the forefront of product sourcing and delivery. The ability to bring new products to market quickly, combined with our extensive inventory of training aids, places us on the leading edge of training equipment manufacturing. On-site and remote manufacturing allows our team to fulfill large and small requests alike. Regardless of the scope or scale, we remain dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and the total solution approach required for today’s market.

Improvised Electronics

Improvised Electronics makes only the highest quality IED Training Aids and IED Circuit Boards for use in EOD and C-IED training. We believe that the most advanced military in the world should not be relegated to training with movie props. Train with functional devices to test your TPPs against devices that mimic the threat. Remove subjectivity from your training and let the scenario play out like it would in real life.

Israeli Special Tactics K9

Israeli Special Tactics K9 is a U.S. based company located in sunny Palm Beach County, Florida. IST K9 specializes in the training and sales of very unique K9’s to fit your needs. Their mission is to provide law enforcement with K9’s that perform the necessary tasks for public safety. They also offer for sale to the public, K9’s that are trained to their maximum abilities. Whether it is a protection dog or a family protection dog, IST K9 will be sure the K9 you choose to purchase will effectively accommodate your needs and keep you and your family safe.

K.A.S. System

Specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality products for dogs.

Kilo 2* Working Dog Kennels

Kilo 2* Working Dog Kennels was established in 2015. Kilo 2* specializes in training and producing high-quality patrol, and scent detection dogs for police and security agencies throughout the world.

K-9 Medic

Working K9s perform invaluable and crucial life saving work. They protect us, defend us, and lead the way in times of danger. As our partners, they are always there when we need them, ready to serve with their lives. Like other members of the team, working K9s may become injured or ill in the field and in extreme conditions where veterinary care is unavailable. K9 MEDIC is devoted to ensuring all K9s have access to leading edge medical care equal to the best human standards available in the field. K9 MEDIC, dedicated to Serving K9s in THEIR Time of Need!

K9 Protected

K9 Protected offers law enforcement K9 training, as well as military fitness regimens for K9 handlers.

K9 Services Unlimited

K9 Services Unlimited is a family owned and operated dog training company that works with all breeds and specializes in bridging the communication gap between families and their beloved pets. We have over 25 years of experience, and have helped thousands of dogs enhance their quality of life through our techniques.  We can provide you and your dog real world results that create harmony in your pack. Whether you are looking to train your brand new puppy or are hoping to modifying the behavior of your adult dog, we can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog was given the gift of superior, balanced training.  Most importantly, we will teach you how to maintain these newly learned behaviors for better, life-long communication with your dog.

Mad Bomber Supplements Co.

Mad Bomber Supplements LLC was founded over a passion for fitness and sports nutrition, we strive to design quality dietary supplements and accessories that we can provide to you the consumer, at an affordable price. Throughout the years we have tried and purchased numerous supplements from countless brands, some we enjoyed and thought were worth the money spent, others were not, to say the least. We will never claim that Mad Bomber Supplements are better than another brand, that being said we do commit to offering a quality product at a quality price.

MAC 7 Training

MAC 7 was founded by veterans who believe that security, vigilance, and training are the cornerstones to combating terrorism. We provide consultants specializing in specific fields, custom designed equipment, interactive training courses, customized curriculum, and training for new threats / areas with instructors who are certified Master Trainers. MAC 7 can provide training, equipment, and consultants both nationally and internationally. Let MAC 7 be “proactive, not reactive” to your security concerns.


NC K9 is a culmination of over 12  years of experience in handling and training Law Enforcement canines. We use real world deployments to develop our training program and rely on not only our experience, but the current experiences of our nations K9’s handlers to provide the best canine partner.

Rockwell Tactical Group

RTG a tactical training company based in central Pennsylvania. Our curriculum is designed for civilian, law enforcement, and private-sector groups and individuals. Our experienced instructors have served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and other elite units and bring principle-based training for students ranging from beginner to expert. All of our courses are based on proven principles and practices, not flavor-of-the-week trends or some video game. These courses are built on the “Warrior Mindset” and cover everything from the most basic of firearms handling to advanced close quarters marksmanship and tactical medicine. This “Warrior Mindset” philosophy is at the core of everything we do and train about: Your firearm is just a tool, your mind is the real weapon.

Signal K9

Signal K9 takes pride in delivering quality dual and single purpose dogs that are ready for certification.  Having certified dogs with NNDDA, NPCA and Drug Beat, we are familiar with what is required.  If the dog is not ready, it won’t be released, it’s just that simple.

Southern Coast K9

We train K9’s and their handlers for law enforcement agencies at our beautiful facility in Florida. K9 handlers come from all over the world for our great seminars! We always have a selection of at least 50 dogs for sale, including bomb detection dogs, drug detection dogs, and dual purpose police dogs.

Torch Light K9

Torchlight K9 prides itself on individual attention to detail and service.  Your goals can range from a well-behaved and obedient pet to competition obedience, tracking or protection sports at a high level, or a K-9 law enforcement partner; Torchlight K9 provides the most progressive training and services in Oklahoma.

Tripwire Operations Group

Tripwire Operations Group LLC. (Tripwire) is a SBA certified company (small business) that is SAM registered. Tripwire Operations Groups is comprised of First Responders dedicated to First Responders. Our tactical training center believes that the most highly trained First Responders create a safer America. We prepare military and first responders to protect our country and cities, providing explosive products, inert ordnance training aids, training courses, services and relationships that together no one else provides.

Working Dog Dry Goods

We do several things.  We like training dogs, we like making T-shirts, we like painting muzzles, we like drinking beer, we like tattoos.  We appreciate the need and use of K9s from front line apprehension to therapy dogs.

Working Dog Radio

Working Dog Radio brings you interviews and news from Military, Law Enforcement and Sport K9 handlers, trainers and breeders from across the world.

Xtreme Concepts Inc.

Xtreme Concepts, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing turnkey security solutions, training, and technology integration to U.S. government, military and commercial clients on a global scale. With access to the National Mission Force (NMF) and the Special Missions Units (SMU) of the U.S. military, we are truly set apart in the security arena. Many of our experts have served honorably with these elite units for over a decade. Because our staff maintains deep ties to these units, our clients benefit from immediate access to their experience.