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K9-14: Criminal Interdiction Course

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K9-14: Criminal Interdiction Course

Tripwire’s criminal interdiction training in PA consists of a comprehensive 16-hour course specifically designed for patrol/K-9 officers. Criminal interdiction courses are offered by our Training Division, which has been providing explosives-related training for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for nearly a decade. All our tactical K9 training courses are conducted by seasoned professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of First Responders across the U.S.

Learn How to Interact With Your Canine

A highlight of our criminal interdiction course is teaching K-9 officers how to interact effectively with their dogs during interdiction. In this tactical K9 training course, you’ll learn how to use your dog to accurately identify drugs and other contraband, and also identify homemade explosive labs.

Our criminal interdiction training also explores the various safety procedures when investigating clandestine labs. Finally, as a part of this tactical K9 training course, you’ll review case law that will serve as an invaluable guide during the interdiction of contraband.

Developing and Establishing Reasonable Suspicion

Our criminal interdiction training courses take a close look at the concept of reasonable suspicion. You’ll learn about each of the key elements involved in developing reasonable suspicion, and you’ll discover the appropriate actions to take upon establishing that reasonable suspicion exists in a particular situation.

Conducting an Effective Roadside Interview

All patrol officers will benefit from the portion of our criminal interdiction course pertaining to conducting a roadside interview. You’ll learn how to “look beyond the ticket” to gain a more in-depth understanding of the situation at hand.

The course includes a practical, scenario-based training experience that can be applied to real-world interdiction situations. Other training courses we offer include explosives training, homeland security training, K-9 inert device training and much more.


Criminal Interdiction

Homeland Security Training Courses

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Homeland Security Training in PA

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is singularly focused on protecting our nation from the many internal and external threats we face on a daily basis. The Training Division of Tripwire Operations Group offers Homeland Security training courses designed to meet the specific needs of First Responders charged with the heavy responsibility of keeping us safe and secure.

Criminal Interdiction Course

Our K9-14: Criminal Interdiction Course is a 16-hour Homeland Security training program intended for patrol/K-9 officers. This DHS police training course includes a combination of classroom instruction and practical scenario-based exercises encompassing critical areas such as interacting effectively with canines during interdiction, identifying contraband and homemade explosive labs, developing and establishing reasonable suspicion, and following clandestine laboratory safety procedures.

MSCC-01 Multi State Concealed Carry Course 

This 4-hour course offers comprehensive classroom instruction that can ultimately help you obtain a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. This will allow you to legally carry a concealed firearm in 35 states. Our DHS police training course topics include proper firearm selection, how to carry a handgun, firearm safety and much more. Live firearms training is not included in this Homeland Security course. Learn more about our DHS training course opportunities in PA by exploring the individual course descriptions found below.

We also offer explosives training, K-9 training and much more.

MSCC-01 Multi State Concealed Carry Permit Course in PA (4 hours)

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This is a 4-hour, all classroom-based Concealed Carry Permit Certification Training Course that allows you to be eligible to apply for a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit that is valid in over 35 states.

The multi state concealed carry permit course in PA is taught by a Certified Utah BCI Instructor (who is also an NRA Certified Instructor) and meets the training requirements for Virginia, Utah & Florida (the last two being both premiere multi-state CCWs), as well as the training requirement for most all state CCWs. The Utah CFP/CCW alone provides concealed carry privileges in over 35 states and combined with a Virginia resident permit, nearly 40 states.

Additionally, if participants so desire, they can also opt to apply for resident or non-resident Virginia,West Virginia or Pennsylvania CCW permits.

The multi state concealed carry permit course in PA will cover such topics as selecting a firearm, how best to carry and transport the handgun, general firearms safety, situational awareness, proper shooting fundamentals, firearm storage and basic firearm maintenance and care. Additionally, we will extensively cover information on concealed carry law, how to handle law enforcement encounters, defensive regulations and case law related to defense of both life and property. We will spend time discussing less-than lethal options for personal protection.

There is no written test or quiz and all of the information provided is about general gun safety, concealed carry law and general best practices

Tuition for this course includes complimentary fingerprinting which is required to be submitted along with the Utah Multi-State CCW application packet.

This course does not require any live-fire and there is no physical shooting component; therefore, you do not need to own or possess a handgun to participate. Utah does not require any live fire as part of their training requirements; however Florida regulations do require that you must demonstrate proficiency with a live-fire exercise.

The course rate is $99.00.

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