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Explosives Training

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  • November 19, 2013

Check out our full selection of explosives training courses.

In addition to being an ATF licensed explosives importer, exporter, manufacturer and dealer, Tripwire Operations Group is fully capable of meeting your organization’s explosives training course needs. We offer a fully equipped explosives training facility in PA featuring a live explosive demo range enabling you to benefit from a hands-on experience that will prove invaluable in real-world situations.

Explosive Device Training Conducted by Experienced Professionals

Tripwire is proudly owned and operated by committed and capable First Responders, just like you. Our explosives training course team consists of individuals who bring more than 100 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement and other First Responder-related professions to the instruction process. We have provided successful explosive device and other tactical police training courses for more than 10,000 First Responders employed by a wide variety of federal, state and local government and law enforcement agencies from all across the United States, as well as military personnel.

A Complete Menu of Explosives Training Courses in PA

Our explosives training courses cover just about every aspect of working with explosive materials in all types of situations. Select the explosives training courses that apply to your specific job function, whether it’s knowing how to handle explosive materials safely, how to prevent suicide bombings, how to recover evidence at a bomb scene, how to train K-9 dogs and much more. Depending on the particular tactical police training course, instruction can include a combination of classroom and field training activities.

Explore the Explosive Training Course Descriptions Found Below

Check out the individual descriptions found here for more detailed course content information. Be sure to check the training schedule for information about tactical police training course dates, locations and availability. If you have additional questions about any of our explosives training courses, feel free to give us a call at 888.330.7015.

At Tripwire, we believe that the most highly trained individuals can create a safer America for everyone. We also offer homeland security training, K-9 training and much more.

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