2020 Instructors & Courses

*Subject to change without prior notice.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Officer Alan Horujko – “Case Study: 2016 OSU Attack

Mark Barnes of Tripwire Operations Group – “Ground Conflict Survivability for Law Enforcement”

Ryan Morris of Tripwire Operations Group – “Explosives 101: Intro to Energetic Materials”

David Dorn of K9 STAC & K9 FTO – “Normalization of Risk for the Explosive Detection Dog Handler”

Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat of HD Forensics – “Fatal Fire Recovery Overview”

Jeff Schettler of Georgia K9 NTC – “Urban Trailing/Tracking: Working on Hard Surfaces” & “Tactical High-Risk Tracking: Teaching the Dog to Work w/ the Team”

Paul Bunker of Chiron K9 – “The 3-Legged Stole: Principles of Effective Imprinting of Target Odors”

Jason Purgason of Highland Canine Training – “Surviving Courtroom K9 Detection Cases”

George McKerrow of MAC 7 Training – “Intro to IED Electronics Diagnostics”

Kevin Cameron of Anchor Therapy Clinic – “Real World Self-Care: Turning Training Into Positive Mental Health”

Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County, Maryland – “”Winning Interdiction: Conducting the Complete Traffic Stop”

Ted Summers and Eric Stanbro of High Risk Deployment K9 – “Building Street Dogs Through Real-World Scenarios”

Flávio Falcão and Ana Prazeres of KAS Systems – “Intro to Training with Remote Positive Reinforcement Systems “

Bud Paine of LifeStar EMS & Rescue – “What Now? Active Shooter with MCI at a Rural Festival”

Toby Frost of Lafayette Fire Department  – “Fentanyl, Spice and Bath Salts, Oh My!

David Magruder of Kilo 2* Working Dog Kennels  – “Selection Testing: Picking the Right Dog

Dr. Margo Machen, DVM, PhD of San Bernardino County Search and Rescue – “Proper Use of Qualified K9 Teams for SAR Operations” & “Talking SAR K9 Gear: A to Z”

Brian Gagye of Canines on Duty – “K9 Behavior Psychology – Handler & Dog Connection”

Michael Bunz, NRP, TMP of Hanover Fire & Rescue – “Stop the Bleed

Sinead Imbaro of K9 Protected – “First Responder Fitness

Jason Zeigler, Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP) – “Debunking Myth: Rescue Task Force versus Tactical Medical Operations

Jerry Bradshaw of Tarheel Canine Training – “Hard/Variable Surface Tracking for Police K9s: Modified HIT Approach

David Dourson and John Howard of Kinetic Performance Dog Food – “Feeding the Working K-9


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