2019 Instructors & Classes

Jerry Bradshaw | Training Director & President at Tarheel Canine

Class: “Skills Transitions in Scenario Based Patrol Training”

Jo-Anne Brenner | Founder & Executive Director at K9 Medic

Class: “Narcan for K9s – Combating the Opioid Epidemic”

Paul Bunker | Owner of Chrion K9

Class: “Training a Canine to Detect Buried Targets”

Hugo “Doc” Canedo | Medical Wizard at Rockwell Tactical Group

Classes: “Blast Injuries” and “Care Under Fire”

Christopher Case | Assistant Fire Chief for Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services

Class: “Things That Go Bang in the Night – The Criminal Use of Explosives”

Daniel Cornier | Director of Training at Southern Coast K9

Class: “High-Risk K9 Deployment to Bomb Related Situations” 

Charles Crook | Principle Scientist (Chemistry) at Tripwire Operations Group

Class: “Introduction to Homemade Explosives (HME)”

David Dorn | Owner & Operator at K-9 STAC

Class: TBD

Flávio Falcão (CEO) and Ana Prazeres (Trainer) at KAS System

Class: “The Benefits of Training with a Remote Positive Reinforcement System”

Mark Haywood | Owner & Trainer at Optimum Canine

Class: TBD

John Howell | Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician & Explosives Countermeasures SME

Class: “Material Discrimination with Portable X-rays”

Sinead Imbaro | Owner at K-9 Protected together with Unni Greene & William Del Sol | Fitness Gurus at SoMi Fitness

Class:  “Signature K9 Handler & First Responder Fitness”

Jeff Jennings | Founder & Electronics SME at Improvised Electronics

Class: “Comprehensive IED Electronics”

Douglas Kahn, MEP, PCP, PACEM

Class: “Active Threat Response”

Dr. Margo Machen | DVM, PhD at Advanced Equine and Small Ruminant Veterinary Services

Class: “Proper Use of Qualified K9 Teams for SAR Operations”

Shay Maimoni | Founder & Director at Israeli Special Tactics K9

Class: “Extremist Interdiction (Understanding Terrorism)”

George McKerrow | Director of Training at MAC7 Training

Class: “CBRN versus CBRN-E”

Ryan Morris | Founder & CEO at Tripwire Operations Group

Class: “Explosives 101 – An Introduction”

David Moyer | Deputy Sheriff (San Bernardino County) & Trainer at GAK9 NTC

Class: “Tracking and Human Remains Detection”

Jim O’Brien | Owner & Trainer at NC K9

Class: “The World of Muzzle Training”

Lee Palmer | DVM, MS, DACVECC, CCRP, EMT-T, WEMT, NRP, TP-C | Lieutenant Colonel – US Army Reserves

Class: “Medical & Physiological Conditions Affecting Olfactory Acuity in EDDs”

Jason Purgason | Training Director at Highland Canine Training

Class: “Detection for the 21st Century – Improving Detection Dog Teams”

Jared Ross | Founder & Instructor at Rockwell Tactical Group

Class: “The Tactical Mindset”

Jeff Schettler | CEO & Trainer at Georgia K9 National Training Center (GAK9 NTC)

Classes: “Tactical Tracking” and “Basic Tracking & Trailing”

Jeremy Stafford | Vice President at Ideal Blasting Supply

Class: “First Responder Utilization of Drones”

Ted Stickels | Lead Trainer at Torchlight K9 together with Eric Stanbro | Owner & Head Trainer at VanEss K9 Academy

Class: “High-Risk K9 Deployment”

Members of the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT)

Classes: “Asymmetric Threat Recognition” and “U.S. Counter Transnational Organized Crime Strategy”