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MSCC-01 Multi State Concealed Carry Permit Course in PA (4 hours)

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  • November 17, 2013

This is a 4-hour, all classroom-based Concealed Carry Permit Certification Training Course that allows you to be eligible to apply for a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit that is valid in over 35 states.

The multi state concealed carry permit course in PA is taught by a Certified Utah BCI Instructor (who is also an NRA Certified Instructor) and meets the training requirements for Virginia, Utah & Florida (the last two being both premiere multi-state CCWs), as well as the training requirement for most all state CCWs. The Utah CFP/CCW alone provides concealed carry privileges in over 35 states and combined with a Virginia resident permit, nearly 40 states.

Additionally, if participants so desire, they can also opt to apply for resident or non-resident Virginia,West Virginia or Pennsylvania CCW permits.

The multi state concealed carry permit course in PA will cover such topics as selecting a firearm, how best to carry and transport the handgun, general firearms safety, situational awareness, proper shooting fundamentals, firearm storage and basic firearm maintenance and care. Additionally, we will extensively cover information on concealed carry law, how to handle law enforcement encounters, defensive regulations and case law related to defense of both life and property. We will spend time discussing less-than lethal options for personal protection.

There is no written test or quiz and all of the information provided is about general gun safety, concealed carry law and general best practices

Tuition for this course includes complimentary fingerprinting which is required to be submitted along with the Utah Multi-State CCW application packet.

This course does not require any live-fire and there is no physical shooting component; therefore, you do not need to own or possess a handgun to participate. Utah does not require any live fire as part of their training requirements; however Florida regulations do require that you must demonstrate proficiency with a live-fire exercise.

The course rate is $99.00.

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