We are extremely proud to welcome Mr. Jason Delgado as our special guest!

Jason Delgado is an accomplished sniper, entrepreneur, tattoo artist, and father. He escaped the dangers of life in the streets in the Bronx only to battle for his life in Iraq during two combat tours as a Marine scout sniper. One of the most important snipers and instructors of the modern era, Delgado helped shape the future of sniping for American special operators while serving as MARSOC’s first lead sniper instructor.  Jason, along with Chris Martin, coauthored Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC.

Jason will be available during our evening social events, for meet-and-greets, photographs, book signing opportunities, to speak about his experience as a US Marine scout sniper, a MARSOC lead sniper instructor, his experiences and lessons learned from combat, living a life of “service to others”, and much more!

 “Earlier in the day, I sent countless rounds of precision fire downrange from our base to slow their advance. But rather than sit in place and wait to get Alamo’d, we chose to strike back.”

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