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2023 instructors

jeff schettler

Mr. Schettler is a retired K9 police officer, and the CEO and head police/military K9 trainer at Georgia K9 National Training Center, as well as a renowned author. Jeff has extensive real-world experience from his time as a K9 handler in California and attached to the FBI HRT K9 Assistance Program. As a specialist in the field of tactical tracking, Jeff has conducted hundreds of live tracks throughout the US and serves as an expert witness for the same. During his time in the US Army, Jeff served a Drill Instructor. His work has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, HLN, Unsolved Mysteries, and Mythbusters.

Det. Jason gates

Detective Gates has been a law enforcement officer for 12-years with 10-years as a member of the SWAT Team. Jason works for the Lakeland Police Department and is currently assigned to the DEA Task Force out of the Miami Field Division. Jason is a certified Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Defensive Tactics instructor. Jason has been training and competing in wrestling, MMA and Jiu Jitsu since 1998.  He is currently a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under professional mixed martial artist Rafael Souza dos Anjos in the Carlson Gracie Lineage.

jerry bradshaw

Mr. Bradshaw is the CEO and Training Director at Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. in Sanford, North Carolina. Tarheel Canine Training Inc. is a nationally renowned training facility for police service dogs, and has placed trained police dogs at federal, state and local law enforcement agencies nationally and internationally since 1993. Jerry is often a  featured speaker at national police K9 conferences, and travels extensively giving seminars to police departments, the US Military, and sport trainers across the United States.

jo-anne brenner

For over a decade, Jo-Anne has developed and taught K9 Emergency Medicine programs for SAR, Law Enforcement and Military K9 Handlers and Paramedics. She leads a team of multidisciplinary experts to customize education programs for specific environments and protocols including Canine-TCCC, K9-TECC, and Wilderness protocols. Jo-Anne and the K9 MEDIC™ team have been privileged to serve teams including USAF PJs, ATF Special Operations Medics, CBP K9 Handlers and Medics and more. She was an American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) Veterinary Committee on Trauma (VetCOT) Prehospital sub-committee contributor and author for the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care K9-TECC Working Group.

ryan morris

Mr. Morris is a retired police officer and Bomb Squad Commander. Ryan worked for several agencies in PA after receiving a BA in Criminal Justice. He joined the Penn State PD in Harrisburg and served as Firearms/Use-of-Force Instructor, and Hazardous Materials Technician. In 2000, Ryan became a Specialist with the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (Region III) and served at the Flight 93 crash site following the events of September 11, 2001. In 2003 he attended the FBI Hazardous Devices School and was certified as a Bomb Technician until 2007 when he became a Supervisory Explosive Specialist for DHS. Ryan owns Tripwire, an ATF licensed explosives and firearms importer/dealer/manufacturer that provides products, training and services to military units and police agencies around the world.

charlie nash

After serving in the Navy, Mr. Nash owned several businesses until he became a K9 handler and trainer. Due to health issues, Charlie had to change course and find a way to stay involved with the K9 community. Founded in 2015, Irondog K9 International provides much needed support to police K9 units across the US. As 501(c)(3) organization, Irondog donates harnesses, leashes, leads, collars, ballistic protection, obstacle courses, training suits/sleeves, medic kits and odor detection kits to agencies in need. K9 handlers are also offered scholarships to attend advanced training. Finally, Irondog provides funding for on-duty injury vet bills for K9s so they receive the best care. Some injuries covered include gunshot/stab wounds, ACL strains, porcupine quill removal and rattlesnake bites. Donations from supporters make this possible.

david magruder

Mr. Magruder is a retired police officer of over 25-years and served as a K9 handler and detective for several agencies to include the Kansas City Police Department. David has been involved with K9s and training for nearly 20-years. Following his time as a kennel master in Iraq, David created Kilo2* Working Dog Kennels in Decaturville, TN, where he is the head K9 trainer. David is an instructor at the Kansas City Police Academy and a certifying official for the National Police Canine Association.

dan gaskin

After serving in law enforcement since 2004, he retired in 2022. He’s currently the Training Manager at Tripwire, where he leads firearms training. The majority of his career was spent in Central Florida as a criminal gang and narcotics investigator, firearms instructor, and ERT member. He headed the Gang Suppression Team and Special Investigations Unit as a Sergeant. He served as a Gang Instructor for the State of Florida and was a member of the Florida Gang Investigators Association. He’s a certified instructor through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Maryland and Pennsylvania State Police, and Force Science. Dan also teaches narcotics investigations, introductions to outlaw biker and criminal street gangs, and de-escalation tactics at Tripwire.

sinead imbaro

With over 20+ years of experience, Sinead specializes in detection, trailing/tracking, obedience, and general search dog deployment and instructs police and military teams. Sinead also teaches detection, K9 Medic first aid, and trailing/tracking courses and stays busy with her personal dog, Magnus Ares, working in a professional narcotics detection role. She serves as a Canine Search Specialist for FL Task Force 6 and was deployed to the Champlain Towers Collapse at Surfside for which she was awarded the Keys to the City of Estero and recognized by Lee County Commissioner, as well as the 2021 AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence for her honorable assistance and efforts during the disaster. As a US representative, Sinead placed 4th overall and 2nd in Narcotics Exterior in the Working Dog Olympics in Brazil.

james sabol

Mr. Sabol is a Canine Training Specialist for DHS, where he specializes in training SWAT and apprehension tactics to K9 teams. James previously served in the Marine Corps as a K9 handler and worked for the Department of State as a private contractor. Most recently he spent several years as the Master Trainer for the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Multi-Purpose Canine Program. While at MARSOC, James trained a multitude of canines in disciplines that included explosives detection, apprehension, tracking/trailing, and close quarters battle team integration. James applies his extensive experience gained while operating in austere environments and conflict areas, including Iraq and Afghanistan, to his training philosophy, and teaches all his students to “be an asset, not a liability.”

david dorn

Mr. Dorn has worked in law enforcement for over a 20 years with the past 14 at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, where he currently handles, trains, and supervises as K-9 Unit Sergeant. David implemented the Department K-9 Unit in 1998. Currently he is a canine trainer, a canine handler instructor, and consultant for several agencies in implementing, managing, supervising, and maintaining K-9 units. David focuses most of his training on specializing in detection dog training and handling for patrol and corrections. David is a California POST recognized Canine Team Evaluator, a WSPCA Judge and Certifying Official, and California Narcotic Canine Association member. David currently handles two detection dogs, one narcotic and one explosive. David owns and operates K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting where he trains detection canines, and offers courses in basic and advanced handling, and K-9 unit supervision. David believes that training and utilization is the key to successful K-9 program.

Cpl. Jimmy Hall

Mr. Hall has been involved with K9 units for 25 years, during which he has been a handler, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) trainer, and FDLE evaluator and supervisor. Currently, Jimmy is a Canine Training Program Manager for the Forensic Institute for Security and Tactics (F1RST) and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. He supervises four K9 trainers and oversees the selection and training of a 39-dog unit. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is one of only a few agencies to have a canine team attached to a FEMA Task Force holding a Live Find Certification. Additionally, Jimmy started the Pasco Sheriff’s Office human remains detection and disaster SAR K9 programs and has spent the past five years developing a tactical K9 program to integrate K9 teams with SWAT. As the Canine Training Program Manager for F1RST, he is responsible for creating partnerships with academic institutions and organizations to study the use of working dogs in public safety.

Joe farewell

Mr. Farewell, of Farewell Firearms Training, launched his law enforcement career in 2007 as a volunteer for the Lake Wales Police Department (FL). After graduating the academy in 2011, he started as a patrol officer for the Winter Haven Police Department. Joe qualified for and was accepted onto his department Emergency Response Team in 2014 and went on to graduate from the Polk County SWAT School. Following his role as a member of the entry team, Joe later assumed the position of sniper team leader. Most of his time at WHPD he assigned to the Tactical Patrol Unit and Special Investigations Unit. He spent 3 years assigned as a TFO to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and led the department’s Gang Suppression Unit. Additionally, Joe served as firearms instructor for the department and ERT. For 10+ years Joe has been an avid competitor in USPSA and 3-Gun. In 2019 he was selected to represent the USA at the IPSC Rifle World Shoot in the Semi-Auto Open Division where he took home a hard-fought silver medal with Team USA.

sgt. josh dentel (ret.)

Mr. Dentel spent over 10 years as a law enforcement officer and sergeant in Central Florida. He spent most of his career focusing on proactive criminal investigations to include narcotics, gangs and street crimes as both an officer, detective and supervisor. Josh was involved in many critical incidents throughout his career to include three Officer Involved Shootings in a 5-year span. Josh has extensive knowledge in the process surrounding OIS and critical incidents and his focus is to help officers prepare for the incident and survive in the aftermath of utilizing deadly force in the line of duty. 

eric byrd

Mr. Byrd is the National Channel Manager for Kinetic Performance Dog Food with a focus on police and military K9 teams. He is an avid quail hunter and has trained English Pointers for 20+ years. Prior to joining the Kinetic Team, Eric worked closely with police and military K9 units. Several years ago, Eric experienced some health issues within his personnel kennels that were rather difficult to diagnose/remedy. He began his search for answers and after extensive research and discussions with pet food industry professionals, he was led to Kinetic Performance Dog Food.  Almost immediately, his kennel issues were resolved, and he experienced the benefits of feeding his dogs calorie and nutrient rich food. He joined the Kinetic Team in 2021 and has traveled the country giving canine nutritional classes and seminars to police and military K9 teams, and bird dog field trial practitioners. His personal approach and experiences with dogs and their food interlace together for a nutritional class experience that is both fun and informative, giving each handler a better understanding about the pet food industry and the ingredients being put into their dogs’ bodies.

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